VIA Conference

Visegrad Improvisation Applied

Theatre improvisation is not only about performances or entertaining the audience. It can be used as a technique for improving communication, personal development, building rapport, enhancing both teaching and effective learning. Grund Theatre has been working in the last couple of months on this unique event which will bring professionals from this field together and allow this field to grow.

40 professionals of applied improvisation will come to Budapest to exchange information, share experiences and inspire each other at the “VIA – Visegrad Improvisation Applied” conference 7th-10th March 2019. The event does not end with this conference though- VIA aims at further cooperation between the Visegrad countries in the cultural and educational spheres. The project continues with dissemination in all of the V4 countries, workshops, shows and more. What opportunities the applied improvisation theatre offers, where and in what ways it can be used, what are the possibilities in this field and much more will be discussed at the 7th-10th March 2019. And last but not least – we do have shows for you too 😉 Come on Friday at 20:00 or Saturday at 19:00 to Mozsár Kávézó to see four different countries, styles and languages performing together!